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The Power of Service

What is service and what brings it to life? The Power of Service answers these questions and is our most popular presentation. It is based on Petra’s best seller, The Power of Service: Keeping Customers for Life, and addresses service from all aspects: structural, interpersonal, systemic and operational. It has received rave reviews from audiences from San Francisco to Munich.
It is appropriate for all levels and job functions and can be customized to address any service topic. Appropriate for both keynote presentations and workshops.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Service

There really is no excuse for bad service! But even with considerable customer service training taking place throughout the nation, customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. Is it because service professionals don’t know how to provide great service? Hardly. It’s that they’re not using the information they have. But why? This presentation answers that question by addressing the individual choices made daily that either support or impede great service.
Offered as a keynote address or in workshop or breakout format.

Leading a Service-based Organization

How do you create a service-based organization, work group, department, or team? You hire it, train it, guide it, reward it and model it. This presentation has been designed specifically for people who are responsible for the organization’s culture or performance environment. It provides clear instruction as to how to create an environment in which people thrive and where productivity, creativity and passion abound.
Appropriate for managers and leaders as a keynote address, seminar or workshop.

The Champion Within

If the tank is empty, the car won’t run. And if self-esteem is low or empty, performance, innovation, risk-taking and conflict management won’t work either. In order for high performance and engagement, people’s sense of self must be intact. When it is not, blaming, denying, barely functioning and anger undermine day-to-day performance. This presentation clarifies the role of self esteem in customer service and defines each person’s responsibility to maintain one another’s sense of self.
Appropriate for all levels and functions within the organization as a keynote address or workshop.

Leading from the Inside Out

Leadership is not synonymous with authority. There are opportunities for great leadership at all levels of the organization. Leadership is a skill that is learned and then nurtured from within. Leadership skills must be developed to achieve genuine success no matter where you are on the organizational chart. This presentation will help leaders, managers, supervisors and individual contributors identify their own leadership gifts and learn how to turn those gifts into skills that are nurtured and honed over time.
Appropriate for all audiences as a keynote address, seminar or workshop.

Creating a Positive Work Culture

Culture is hard to define. But there is no doubt that every organization – no matter how large or small has its own unique environment that either enhances or impedes people’s ability to perform. Culture establishes the norms, traditions, values and beliefs that govern day-to-day life. The goal of this presentation is to help leaders define their role in creating culture and offer ideas about how to create a culture in which people love to work.
Most appropriate for managers, supervisors and leaders as a keynote address, seminar or workshop.

Maintaining Quality Service During Change

The only thing that remains certain is change, which creates tension and anxiety for many people. Whether imposed or chosen, change is a challenge that often engenders fear and concern. And yet change is what keeps us from being stagnant. Change is not optional and the ability to adapt to it and maintain quality service during change is at the core of successful organizations. Those that remain resistant to change will die on the vine.
Appropriate for all levels of the organization and job functions as a keynote address, workshop or seminar.

Embracing the Power to Perform

Empowerment is a popular buzzword. But empowerment is only half of the equation. The other half is embracing the responsibility and freedom of an empowered work culture. No one can give someone the freedom to perform if they don’t take the reins and run. In this presentation, work responsibility and dedication are center stage, and the commitment to perform at one’s best – no matter what others around you may be doing - is aligned with personal and organizational goals.
Appropriate for all levels and job functions as a keynote address or breakout session.

Motivating through Reward & Recognition

Moving people to perform is a difficult job for many managers and leaders. Some use the carrot. Some use the stick. Many use both. But human beings best respond when others know what they have contributed and are grateful for it. None of this can be contrived or manipulated. In this presentation, leaders, managers and supervisors will learn the power of honest praise and feedback and how to use that feedback to move people toward top performance.
Appropriate for managers, leaders and supervisors as a keynote address, workshop or seminar.

Taming the Tiger: Dealing with Emotional People

Dealing with the emotional fallout of missed expectations is challenging for the most skilled professional. But calming an angry coworker or satisfying an unhappy customer is a downright art! This presentation deals with the causes and ramifications of conflict and offers steps to handle the process of resolution.
Appropriate for all levels and job functions as a keynote presentation or workshop.

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